Our Mission

Empower women and girls through play based learning activities, to foster resilience, promote teamwork and equality, and build leadership and confidence.

OUr objectives



Become a leader, with the tools to do something yourself, and having the confidence to know that you can


Working with others to reach a common goal, and to realize and utilize the strengths and  weaknesses of each individual


Thinking about more than just yourself, and realizing that different tools are needed to enable equal opportunity

Connection to nature

Positively impact your social, psychological, academic, and physical health with a deeper connection and contact with the natural environment

Diversity of Human Culture

Celebrating the world- share who you are, your experiences, and where you come from. Watch how our differences and similarities bring us together.

Our Commitments


Evidence Based Strategy

We believe that our methods should have evidence backing their claims of growth.  We aim to provide the most effective programming possible, and we want our patrons to feel confidant that the methods we use actually work.  Our commitment to evidence based strategy isn't only based in research, but also in experience, and feedback. We enable our patrons to take the techniques that we teach them and continue to apply them in their own lives.  We want to arm our patrons with the tools that they can then share with their own networks, and thus have a greater positive impact on our communities.


At the Fearless Women Foundation, we don't care what is in your pants.  We firmly believe that womanhood can be shared among and in between genders.  We believe that the experience of what it is to be a woman is up to the individual.  If you would like to share your own experience and understanding, we would love to discuss it in a respectful manner. Click Here to contact us.

Leaning Through Play

We believe that every child deserves to have fun, have opportunities to explore and be curious, and to take risks. Play based activities allow children the space and freedom to develop their creativity, social skills, and resilience. Through play, children are able to grow and become stronger, both physically and emotionally.

Our Events

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