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Our Sponsorship Program

Our Sponsorship Program is a critical part of our foundation.  We want our programs to be accessible to all individuals, regardless on income.  In Canada alone, 1.2 million children are living in low-income homes, with many of those homes belong to single parents.  Child care and extra-curricular opportunities can be a huge financial stress on families. 

Our Sponsorship Program allows us to provide a subsidy to children-in-need to enable them to participate in our programs. But we need your help.  Each child requires a minimum of $200 CAD to cover operation costs.


As a sponsor you:

  • Cover a portion of the cost for a child to go to camp
  • Give a child the opportunity to learn, play, and gain the tools to prosper
  • Invest in local Canadian communities
  • Create a long term impact - Studies show that educated and empowered children are more likely to bridge socio-economic gaps and foster a healthier nation

How to Sponsor a child:

  1. Click the DONATE link
  2. Choose to between the monthly or single option
  3. Select the amount you wish to donate
  4. Select "Camp Sponsorship" to make sure your donation goes into the sponsorship fund


Can't afford $200 upfront? 

With the Monthly Donation option, you can give a little at a time. All donations with "Camp Sponsorship" tagged will be put into our Sponsorship Fund. Every penny donated will go towards making our camps available to children-in-need. 



Your donations allow us to build leaders, run our programs, create connection, and enable accessibility.  We run our projects to empower both women and girls, and create a more equal tomorrow. 

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Tell your friends and family about the Fearless Women Foundation.  There's no better way to make an impact than to become an active advocate yourself, and no better way of supporting an organization that by sharing their brand.  Join now and make an impact!

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