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Why become a Member?

Here are the top 5 reasons why YOU should become a Member today.


Sharing What is Important – A huge part of becoming involved with the Fearless Women Foundation is supporting and sharing in our values. We strongly believe that the health and education of the female population is intrinsic to the health and success of the society. When you become a Member, each and every one of our members makes a promise to be an advocate for our 5 objectives. 

The 5 objectives of our society:




Connection to Nature 

Diversity of Human Culture 


professional development

Knowledge – Along with being advocates for our 5 Objectives, the Fearless Women Foundation has a commitment to understanding and spreading the latest techniques and information available.  We firmly believe in evidence based strategies and innovative ideas.

As Members, you will gain access to many resources, articles, spotlight features, and more.  These resources will arm you with the tools and support to achieve success.

Opportunity – Not only does being a Member of the Fearless Women Foundation give you the opportunity to be an advocate for Women, but it also opens many work experience and leadership opportunities.  Whether you join the Board of Officers, become a Director, participate as a Volunteer, or join our upcoming leadership program, becoming a Member gives you the option to step up and take on more responsibility.



Meeting Like-Minded People  As a member, you will have the opportunity to meet and network with a whole host of other Members who share the same values as you do.  We love to see when our Members meet each other for the first time and start lasting friendships. 

Recognition –  The Fearless Women Foundation recognizes those who are outstanding members of their community and who embody our objectives. 

Know somebody who fits this criteria? Nominate Them.


Services - Members are invited to exclusive Member-only events and programs. Throughout the year, we host exclusive Member-only events where we get to highlight and celebrate our diverse Membership. 

Early Registration - Members will receive exclusive early registration in our programs and events. 


Discounts – As a member, you will receive 10% off our programming.  

Swag – Receive exclusive discounts codes on our merchandise. 

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Application of General Membership is open to any who fulfil the following requirements:

  • Supports the values and objectives of the organization
  • Pays the annual Membership fee

*General Membership is available to all interested individuals regardless of gender identity, sex, age, race, religion, sexual orientation, or ethnicity.


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General Membership

Fee: $10 per year

*Membership is non-transferable